Master List

The (ever-changing) MASTER LIST

Master Bedroom:

  • Expand closet opening
  • Buy proper bed frame / furniture
  • Buy, paint, and frost french doors for closet
  • New ceiling fan

Bathroom (Full)

  • Change out tub
  • Re-tile around tub
  • Add medicine cabinet
  • Add storage cabinet
  • New exhaust light/fixture
  • Install wider vanity/sink


  • New ceiling
  • New lighting
  • Re-paint existing cabinets
  • New appliances (dishwasher, fridge, stove)
  • Add custom pantry to north wall
  • Paint
  • Backsplash
  • New flooring
  • Put back trim & molding

General Whole-House Stuff:

  • Tear out chimney
  • New washer & dryer
  • New gas lines
  • New water lines
  • Add structural support
  • Re-do ductwork
  • Get birds out of my friggin’ soffits
  • Laminate hardwood flooring on the first floor
  • Remove & replace ugly columns at front door
  • Put back linen closet
  • Add small closet to 3rd bedroom
  • Install better frame on side door, replace side door with door with window
  • Move install existing side door to back of garage
  • Buy storage for tools, potting bench, etc. in garage
    • Oh, yeah. Clean out old tub, old dishwasher, old trim, old foreclosure crap from garage so we can park cars in it and move around.


  • Build & install seating/bookcase combo
  • Hang plants, plants, and more plants!
  • Insulate underneath sunroom
  • Install curtains/blinds… for everyone’s benefit


  • Garden Plan
    • Clear brush
    • Excavate & remove weird gravel layer
    • Raised beds
    • Brick pavers
    • Fire pit
    • Install rainbarrel
  • Plant hedge rose bushes on south side of house
  • Plant hedge rose bushes on south side of lawn
  • Install gutters on garage
  • Install bench around tree
  • Have tree trimmed/stumps removed
  • Plant Lilac at front of house



If you know me outside of this blog, then you’ve known for a while that back in July I did something a little crazy.

Before leaving for a three week trip to the west coast, I told Dad & Tim, “Make sure the holes in the fence are fixed by the time I get back, I’m ready for a dog!”

{the first photo I saw of Winnie (right) from her foster mom}

Boy, was I. Five days before I was to return home, I saw the cuuuuuuuutest puppy listed online at a local shelter. I submitted my application. And then, I didn’t hear a thing, and watched two days later as the puppy’s status was changed to “adopted”. Hmph.

The next thing I know, I’m winding through the Oregon coast and I get a call. Winston, the puppy I had applied for, had been adopted. BUT, Winston’s (presumably) sister, Winnie, had just come in to the shelter and was I still interested?

YES, I was still interested! “You can come see her today, or in a few days, after her spay surgery.” I looked out the window at the beautiful scenery thousands of miles away from home and said, “I’ll see her Thursday.”

{all smiles leaving the pound}

I returned home late on a Wednesday night and by Thursday at 5pm I had a new puppy that was recovering from surgery in my house that was still very much under construction.


By some miracle, she is seemingly unaffected by loud noises like air compressors or intense swearing due to construction efforts around the house. Every day is a new adventure with her, and you can follow along by checking out the #dailywinstagram hashtag on my instagram. Our next big adventure will be starting obedience school in a few weeks. Woof.



Today we made the second trip to the Schaumburg, IL IKEA for kitchen purchases!


I went a month or two ago and got the kitchen sink. It’s a 2.5-3 hour drive to get to Schaumburg, but you can’t beat the IKEA pricing (plus we’re crazy for Swedish meatballs)!

Today’s trip was to get the beech butcher block counter tops (I hope to get a whole post written about my anxieties surrounding these later). It just happened to work out that my parents had a rental pick-up truck this weekend so we could accommodate two six-foot lengths of countertop. Countertop install is still a few weeks away, but it feels good to have another purchase checked off the list!

Christmas came early!


As of early this week… Drywall has gone up in the kitchen!
It’s even better looking now than in this photo. It’s been mostly mudded and sanded down, including all the joints where walls meet ceiling (yes, finally, a ceiling!). Tim is home from winter break, which was very helpful in lending a set of helping hands on the key drywall work days.

A finished kitchen is still a little ways away, but we’re all starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Structural Repairs Completed!


The whole family was on hand yesterday working to get two support joists in place under the kitchen. The existing joists had sections and notches taken out improperly, it is just didn’t seem too wise to start loading heavy appliances on to them without fixing them first. So after much struggle, Dad decided he’d come back this morning with some clamps & dofaddles to finish the job.

A first!


See this?! It’s a pot. That you use to cook with. ON THE STOVE!

This week a small miracle happened: the stove and fridge were moved, brace yourself, in to the kitchen. And I cooked dinner on it. It was darn near magical. Sure it’s still Rice-a-Roni, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?